What are the most common mattress sizes?

What are the most common mattress sizes?

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First of all, here is the list of the most common mattress sizes:

  • Twin Size Mattress
  • Twin XL Mattress
  • Full Size Mattress
  • Queen Size Mattress
  • King Size Mattress
  • California King Size Mattress

The mattress size you should go for depends on the following things:

  • How big you are
  • Who you are going to use the bed with
  • How big your bed is (if you already have one)
  • How much you tend to move at night (the more you move at night the bigger bed and mattress you should have)

Now let’s see what you need to know about the most common mattress sizes.

Twin Size Mattress/Bed

This is the smallest available common mattress. It is suitable for a child or one small bodied adult

Twin XL Mattress/Bed

This is a popular mattress size which is about 6 inches longer than the twin size, making it ideal for taller adults.

Full Size Mattress/Bed

This is also known as the double mattress. It is around 16 inches wider than the twin mattress which means that while it is not wide enough for two people, it gives enough place for one person who moves a lot while sleeping. It is just as long as the twin size mattress so it may not be suited for taller people.

Queen Size Mattress/Bed

This is the most popular mattress size today. It is a couple of inches wider and longer than the full size bed which makes it the perfect choice for couples who like to sleep close to each other.

 King Size Mattress/Bed

The dimensions of this mattress make it the perfect size for couples who need more space while sleeping. It is 16 inches wider than the queen size mattress while the length is the same for the two.

California King Mattress/Bed

It is not as wide as the king size mattress but it is longer, making it the perfect choice for taller couples.

Hopefully, this short description of the typical bed sizes helps you choose which one will suit your needs the most.